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Enjoy a safe, rewarding, healthy family lifestyle

When it comes to a rich, healthy and affordable lifestyle, StayMelville has set a standard that no other development in Cape Town can match. Our resident-centred approach is focused on creating and sustaining an exceptional quality of life for those who live here. Everything is centred around our vision to provide an integrated, affordable solution for families who want safety, security, good health, and a real sense of community.

So it’s not just about the benefits of waking up to spectacular mountain views and enjoying easy access to some of the best attractions that Cape Town has to offer. StayMelville has been deliberately designed to offer a range of facilities to cater for the needs of all age-groups.

It starts with the Community Centre, a dedicated building at the heart of the development, which includes:

  • A crèche and aftercare facility
  • A communal lounge with shared workspace with free WiFi
  • Laundry facilities
  • Event space of 75㎡ for meetings, parties, dance classes, etc.
  • Indoor gym

In addition, there are communal vegetable and herb gardens, multiple pocket parks for relaxation, over 200 fruit trees, and generous water-wise indigenous landscaping. There are also no fewer than nine large braai areas spread over the estate.

Just a few steps to your indoor or outdoor exercise area

Skipping the gym is less of an option when your workout is just a short walk from the couch … and with no exorbitant membership fees required!  The added advantage of being able to go for a run or a workout within the safety and security of the estate means that all residents can live the lifestyle they dream of without ever having to worry about where or when to exercise.

  • Indoor gym
  • Outdoor gym
  • Two mini sports fields
  • 1km running track
  • Numerous basketball training-courts

Free uncapped WiFi for your all your online needs

Data is a currency and the cost of always being connected often takes a discouraging bite out of your monthly budget.  At StayMelville, every apartment enjoys fibre-to-the-home with a pre-installed WiFi unit that delivers uncapped Internet – completely free of charge! 

Numerous WiFi hotspots lay scattered throughout the estate, and the shared workspace in the Community Centre also has free WiFi. So whether you’re chilling in the courtyard, surfing at home or having a coffee in the communal lounge:  you can always stay connected to the wonders of the world-wide-web.

Save money – and the planet – in our eco-friendly estate

Perhaps the most ‘on trend’ aspect of StayMelville is that it has been designed as a green sanctuary for the families that live there. In fact, from the water-wise permaculture landscaping to the solar water heating system, it may well  be the ‘greenest’ residential development in the whole of South Africa!

It’s an environmental wonderland, right down to the communal vegetable gardens where residents are encouraged to get to grips with nature and the cycle of life.

  • 100% water recycling
  • Solar hot water
  • Refuse separation and recycling
  • Aquifer recharging system
  • Indigenous and water-wise landscaping
  • No exterior paints
  • Eco-friendly design and materials
  • Permaculture estate layout

Your peace of mind is always our top-of-mind priority

Residents’ safety is paramount, so the estate is protected by a state-of-the-art perimeter security system with double-gated, biometric-controlled access. 24/7/365 monitored

  • 24-hour manned security and regular patrols
  • Double-gated security entrance
  • CCTV cameras with round-the-clock, off-site monitoring
  • Electric fencing protecting the perimeter
  • Ample secure parking
  • A dedicated armed response team

For a glimpse of life at StayMelville click the images below.

“Beautiful place – safe and well designed. So much thought put into development.”

Clinton Forlee – FinServe Property